Katuri 萌鸡小队 (Pack of 5)

Katuri 萌鸡小队 (Pack of 5)

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An animated tv series that feature hands-on play and learning experiences for moms and toddlers. Children of our time are growing up farther away from nature and as a result, their sensibility about nature has less room to flourish.

Introducing our latest Katuri cookies set which consists of 1 piece of Katuri mom cookie and 4 pieces of Katuri chicken cookies.


  • Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter (Halal)
  • Blue Key Superfine Superwhite Flour (Halal)
  • Icing Sugar (Halal)
  • NutriPlus Egg (Halal)
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • myFlavor Gel Food Coloring (Halal)
  • Strictly no preservatives, please consume within 21 days after delivering


  • Katuri mom: 5 cm (width) x 7.5 cm (length)
  • Katuri chicken: 4 cm (width) x 6 cm (length)