Unicorn Birthday Party (Pack of 6)
Unicorn Birthday Party (Pack of 6)

Unicorn Birthday Party (Pack of 6)

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You are so LITTLE right now, but you have brought unimaginably LARGE amounts of happiness in our lives!

Celebrate your precious's 1st year old birthday party with our adorable Unicorn cookies set!  This set consists of 1 x Unicorn head cookie, 1 x Unicorn cookie, 1 x cloud cookie, 1 x rainbow cookie, 1 x star cookie and 1 x number '1 'cookie.


  • Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter (Halal)
  • Royal Baking Powder
  • Blue Key Superfine Superwhite Flour (Halal)
  • CSR Icing Sugar (Halal)
  • NutriPlus Egg (Halal)
  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • myFlavor Gel Food Coloring (Halal)
  • Strictly no preservatives, please consume within 21 days after delivering


    • Rainbow: 10 cm (width) x 4 cm (length)
    • Number '1': 6.5 cm (width) x 8.5 cm (length)
    • Unicorn head: 7 cm (width) x 10 cm (length)
    • Unicorn: 7 cm (width) x 8.6 cm (length)
    • Cloud: 7.5 cm (width) x 5.5 cm (length)
    • Star: 7.5 cm (width) x 8 cm (length)

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